Kanger AeroTank Airflow Control

Kanger AeroTank Airflow Control
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The Kanger AeroTank Airflow Control Glass Clearomizer (BDCC) has all of the outstanding features of the ProTank III but with the addition of an intuitive adjustable airflow control at the base of the cartomizer. Airflow is tightened (or loosened) by screwing or unscrewing the round piece on the airflow control to cover or reveal the airflow holes. It's a dual bottom coil and can use ProTank III coils (but not ProTank II/EVOD coils). It has a glue-free stainless steel design, allowing you to take it apart for easy cleaning as well as allowing you to install replacement parts (in particular, replacement pyrex glass tubes and drip tips). With 510 threading and a "beauty ring" included, your Aerotank can fit a wide selection of e-cigarette batteries and look sharp on all of them!

Kanger AeroTank Includes
1 x Stainless Drip tip
1 x Top connector ring
1 x Pyrex Glass tube 2.5ml
1 x Bottom connector ring
2 x Dual Coil, 2.0ohm
1 x Airflow control valve
1 x Decorative ring
1 x Manual

Coils For AeroTank

To fill the device with e-liquid, unscrew the base from the tank (hold it upside down so the liquid doesn't dump out!). Drip your liquid into the tank but avoid dripping or overflowing any into the center tube. Once adequately filled, reattach the base and coil to the tank. Each time you unscrew it to refill, check to make sure the coil is still snug; unscrewing the base can sometimes cause it to loosen slightly. We suggest refilling it before it gets below 1/3 of the way down; while it will still work until it's empty, keeping it at higher levels will mantain the vacuum inside the tank and thus greatly improve wicking.

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